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    Spending a snow day at work and thinking about what to work on, when I get home tonight. In the meantime, a little nonsense.

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Heckling the spammer

If you use the internet at all, chances are you’ve managed to attract some amount of “spam”. It seems like, no matter where the spammer comes from or how the ‘heartfelt’ letter is sent, it seems to follow a basic pattern. It’s almost as if the spammers are just copy-and-pasting off each other. Therefore, I’ve come up with a ‘form letter’ reply that I intend to use, to reply to every bit of spam that comes my way. Regardless if it comes from Song Lile from China or Robert S. Mueller from the United States (yes, I realise he’s the head of the FBI, but I’ve still been getting spam from him. The bastard.) It is as follows, and I encourage everyone to use this (or some suchlike) to reply to the spamatozoa:

‘friend’ –

    My only reply to you is: If you insist on fucking people out of money that they’ve actually worked to earn, at least put some effort into your scam. But of course, that would fly in the face of being a lazy prick. I get 2-3 of these letters every single day, and they vary only in the name of the sender and the address. Do all of you idiots just cut and paste the same tired old bullshit? For Christ’s sake- grow a brain stem and try to come up with an original idea.

    from your “Dear Friend”


     p.s. – Feel free to insert a mid-sized car into your southernmost orifice and rotate until happily satisfied.

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My Frog

I have a very relaxed frog as my avatar. Why? You tell me. I like his look of being completely at peace. Maybe that’s what I’m striving to achieve, or maybe I just like seeing an unusual picture. Probably a goodly portion of both. The fact that I haven’t even thought about naming him, I think, belies some sense of being apart from the ideal pictured. I have a fondness for naming things. Hell, I even named the plastic lobster in my office at work (Larry). …Yes, I have a plastic office lobster. Doesn’t everyone? Or, maybe the fact that I’m using him as an avatar means that I’ve adopted him as a personae and have (by default) named him “Steve”. Either way, it’s just one more thing to think about. As if I needed the extra exercise.

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On an unrelated note: I Want One Of These!! –> Maybe two. …I’m so lonely.

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But when, amongst the punters,

there Seems precious little choice,

Gather all your Inner-Strength

And use your “Outside Voice”.


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Hey Howdy!

Instead of staying with the generic WordPress starter blog, I’ve opted for my own ‘personalised’, generic starter blog. Professionally, I am employed as an Engineer at a local, small market broadcast television station. However, I probably won’t be writing much about that. Not only is the work fairly boring to those not familiar with it, but the walls of the internet have ears and there’s no telling where the head of the corporate weasel might rear it’s self. However, even though I spend about 70% of my time at the station, it is not the largest part of my life or interest.

Therefore, you’ll be more likely to here read about music I’m working on, music I’ve reviewed, music I like and music. There may also be pictures and/or vids. There may well even be short stories, poems or ribald tales of dubious factual content. What the hell, it’s my page, I’ll do whatever I want with it. I might not even post anything else on here for six months. I do have a life, and not a lot of time to have a regular “blog”. Mostly, what you’re likely to get is a fairly irregular collection of rants concerning how badly the human race needs to evolve.

So, there you have it. It’s sort of a “Welcome-but-don’t-hang-around-waiting-for-the-paint-to-peel-there’s-more-interesting-and-worthwhile-things-you-could-be-doing-with-your-time” opening post. But, I feel it’s a pretty honest statement of how this page will  probably shape up.

Now, get out and play!

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